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Tiger Milk Mushroom is rare and precious as it is hardly being found in the wild, unlike other mushroom that is grown in a cluster, Tiger Milk Mushroom grows alone. 2 stalks of Tiger Milk Mushroom are separated several kilometres away, even if a person finds it in the wild, it would have been fully grown into mature state which is less nutritious. Hence we choose to use cultivated Tiger Milk Mushroom, which is harvested before stem and cap is develop, moreover it is cultivated in a controlled environment which has a good source of nutrients, free from pesticide, microbes and heavy metals.

Additionally, Tigrox Tiger Milk King is supplemented with licorice extract, an additional ingredient which contains glycyrrhizic acid. It also contains Vitamin C which is beneficial for general well-being.

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1 Box/ 20 Sachets, 2 Box/ 40 Sachets, 3 Box/ 60 Sachets, 4 Box/ 80 Sachets, 5 Box/ 100 Sachets, 6 Box/ 120 Sachets


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